Who we are
J-Invest S.p.A. (also “J-Invest” or the “Company”) founded in 2008 and currently led by the partners Jacopo Di Stefano (CEO) and Stefano Giura (Managing Director), is a financial firm operating in the distressed asset and non-performing loans (NPL) market.

J-Invest S.p.A.’s objective is to realize high returns throughout (i) the purchase and management of non-recourse claims admitted in insolvency proceedings and (ii) the securitisation of claims

J-Invest S.p.A is a financial firm authorised and regulated by the Bank of Italy and enrolled with no. 148 in the Financial Intermediary Register under art. 106  of the Italian Banking Act, and it is audited by PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Furthermore, the Company is also licensed pursuant to art. 115 TULPS.

The core activity of “origination” of high margin opportunities, asset acquisitions and profit extraction is directly carried out by the J-Invest team leveraging on its unique knowledge of the market, its dynamics and players resulting from twenty years of experience and direct participation in a very large number of transactions.

The unique know-how and the strong growth of the underlying market (NPL, insolvency procedures) allowed J-Invest to achieve recurring outstanding returns.

Since its incorporation, J-Invest S.p.A. has invested in more than 5,600 bankruptcy proceedings.

Key features




Expertise mix

J-Invest S.p.A. offers a balanced mix of skills (legal, financial and business management) for a thorough analysis, valuation and prioritisation of claims and proceedings.

Legal and financial expertise

Relational network

J-Invest S.p.A. has developed and nurtured a strong network of relationships with banking and other financial institutions, industrial companies and services firms both within and outside the traditional competitive auction arena.

Origination skills
Reputation and reliability

Unique know-how

The J-Invest team’s  long experience and outstanding expertise is based on its niche knowledge of the procedures and methodologies necessary to compete successfully in the sector.

To date, J-Invest S.p.A. has been acquiring claims for a nominal value of circa € 4.1 billion from  over 5,600 different insolvency procedures selected by type, structure, size, sector, and geographical area.

J-Invest S.p.A. owns a large and versatile proprietary database that permits a timely and accurate ‘credit analysis’ and procedures evaluation, which would be hardly replicable from other players in this market.

Execution precision
Flexibility and speed
Unique know-how