Your needs are important to J-Invest; managing complaints forms an important part of monitoring critical areas in which to implement measures and represents an opportunity for rendering the relationship of trust more effective and for re-establishing a satisfactory relationship with you, the Customer.


A complaint means any act by which a clearly identifiable Customer contests the conduct of the intermediary in writing (e.g. letter, fax, email) to the latter, including omissive conduct. A complaint is considered valid when it shows the details of the person or party making the complaint, the reasons for the complaint and the signature or similar element allowing the Customer to be identified with certainty. J-Invest will reply to the complaint by and no later than 30 (thirty) days of its receipt, indicating, in case of acceptance, the time foreseen for resolving the issue.

To send complaints via email, write to

f the customer is not satisfied with the feedback received, or if there is no response to the complaint, before going to the ordinary Court, in the case of disputes concerning banking and financial transactions and services, including payment services, he/she may turn to the Banking and Financial Arbitrator (ABF) when:

  • Disputes are concerned with the establishment of rights, obligations and faculties of any value, or for any request for payment of money for any reason within the limit of 200.000 euros;
  • Disputes relate to transactions or conduct that have occurred since 1 January 2009;
  • No more than 12 months have elapsed since the filing of the complaint (otherwise the customer may file a new complaint from the filing of which the 12-month period will run again).

For any further information, you can download the Guide to Using the ABF Portal (Only Italian document), and the ABF in Simple Words (Only Italian document)  guide available on this page and visit the ABF website at .